[][src]Module conrod::input

This module contains all the logic for handling input events and providing them to widgets.

All user input is provided to the Ui in the form of input::Input events, which are received via the Ui::handle_event method. These raw input events tend to be fairly low level. The Ui stores each of these Input events in it's GlobalInput, which keeps track of the state of input for the entire Ui. GlobalInput will also aggregate the low level events into higher level ones. For instance, two events indicating that a mouse button was pressed then released would cause a new UiEvent::MouseClick to be generated. This saves individual widgets from having to interpret these themselves, thus freeing them from also having to store input state.

Whenever there's an update, all of the events that have occurred since the last update will be available for widgets to process. WidgetInput is used to provide input events to a specific widget. It filters events that do not apply to the widget. All events provided by WidgetIput will have all coordinates in the widget's own local coordinate system, where (0, 0) is the middle of the widget's bounding Rect. GlobalInput, on the other hand, will never filter out any events, and will always provide them with coordinates relative to the window.


pub use self::state::State;
pub use self::global::Global;
pub use self::touch::Touch;
pub use self::widget::Widget;



Handles all of the global input events and state. The core of this module is the Global struct. It is responsible for aggregating and interpreting raw input events into high-level semantic events.


Back-end agnostic keyboard keys.


Everything related to storing the state of user input.


Touch-related items.


Contains all the logic for filtering input events and making them relative to widgets.



Components of a controller axis move event. Not guaranteed consistent across backends.


Components of a controller button event. Not guaranteed consistent across backends.


Render arguments



Models different kinds of buttons.


Represent a keyboard key. Keycodes follows SDL http://wiki.libsdl.org/SDLKeycodeLookup


Different kinds of motion input.


Represent a mouse button.


Sources from which user input may be received.