Struct gfx_text::RendererBuilder [] [src]

pub struct RendererBuilder<'r, R: Resources, F: Factory<R>> { /* fields omitted */ }

Text renderer builder. Allows to set rendering options using builder pattern.


let mut text = gfx_text::RendererBuilder::new(factory)
    .with_chars(&['a', 'b', 'c'])


impl<'r, R: Resources, F: Factory<R>> RendererBuilder<'r, R, F>

Create a new text renderer builder.

Specify custom size.

Specify custom font by path.

Pass raw font data.

Specify outline width and color. Not implemented yet.

Specify custom initial buffer size.

Make available only provided characters in font texture instead of loading all existing from the font face.

Build a new text renderer instance using current settings.

Just an alias for