[][src]Trait piston_window::Colored

pub trait Colored {
    fn mul_rgba(self, r: f32, g: f32, b: f32, a: f32) -> Self;
fn hue_rad(self, angle: f32) -> Self; fn tint(self, f: f32) -> Self { ... }
fn shade(self, f: f32) -> Self { ... }
fn hue_deg(self, angle: f32) -> Self { ... } }

Implemented by contexts that contains color.

Required Methods

Multiplies with red, green, blue and alpha values.

Rotates hue by radians.

Provided Methods

Mixes the current color with white.

0 is black and 1 is white.

Mixes the current color with black.

0 is white and 1 is black.

Rotates hue by degrees.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Colored for [f32; 4]


impl Colored for Ellipse

impl Colored for Line

impl Colored for Rectangle