[][src]Trait piston_window::SourceRectangled

pub trait SourceRectangled {
    fn src_rect(self, x: f64, y: f64, w: f64, h: f64) -> Self;
fn src_rel(self, x: f64, y: f64) -> Self;
fn src_flip_h(self) -> Self;
fn src_flip_v(self) -> Self;
fn src_flip_hv(self) -> Self; }

Should be implemented by contexts that have source rectangle information.

Required Methods

Adds a source rectangle.

Moves to a relative source rectangle using the current source rectangle as tile.

Flips the source rectangle horizontally.

Flips the source rectangle vertically.

Flips the source rectangle horizontally and vertically.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl SourceRectangled for [f64; 4]