Struct piston_window::text::Text[][src]

pub struct Text {
    pub color: [f32; 4],
    pub font_size: u32,
    pub round: bool,

Renders text


color: [f32; 4]

The color

font_size: u32

The font size

round: bool

Whether or not the text’s position should be rounded (to a signed distance field).


impl Text[src]

pub fn new(font_size: u32) -> Text[src]

Creates a new text with black color

pub fn new_color(color: [f32; 4], font_size: u32) -> Text[src]

Creates a new colored text

pub fn round(self) -> Text[src]

A builder method indicating that the Text’s position should be rounded upon drawing.

pub fn draw<C, G>(
    text: &str,
    cache: &mut C,
    draw_state: &DrawState,
    transform: [[f64; 3]; 2],
    g: &mut G
) -> Result<(), <C as CharacterCache>::Error> where
    C: CharacterCache,
    G: Graphics<Texture = <C as CharacterCache>::Texture>, 

Draws text with a character cache

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Text[src]

impl Copy for Text[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Text

impl Send for Text

impl Sync for Text

impl Unpin for Text

impl UnwindSafe for Text

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