Struct hematite_server::types::EntityMetadata [] [src]

pub struct EntityMetadata {
    // some fields omitted

Entity Metadata Format

All entities must send at least one item of metadata, in most cases this will be the health item.

The entity metadata format is quirky dictionary format, where the key and the value's type are packed in a single byte.

Note that entity metadata is a totally distinct concept from block metadata.


impl EntityMetadata

fn new() -> EntityMetadata

Trait Implementations

impl Protocol for EntityMetadata

type Clean = EntityMetadata

fn proto_len(value: &EntityMetadata) -> usize

fn proto_encode(value: &EntityMetadata, dst: &mut Write) -> Result<()>

fn proto_decode(src: &mut Read) -> Result<EntityMetadata>

Derived Implementations

impl Debug for EntityMetadata

fn fmt(&self, __arg_0: &mut Formatter) -> Result