Struct viewport::Viewport [] [src]

pub struct Viewport {
    pub rect: [i32; 4],
    pub draw_size: [u32; 2],
    pub window_size: [u32; 2],

Stores viewport information.


Viewport in pixels. [x, y, width height] where (x, y) is lower left corner.

The size of frame buffer in pixels.

The size of window in points.


impl Viewport


Computes absolute transform for 2D graphics, which uses a row major 2x3 matrix. The origin is in the upper left corner of the viewport rectangle. The x axis points to the right, and the y axis points down. The units are in points (window coordinates).

It is assumed that the underlying coordinate system is normalized with the origin in the center, such that (-1.0, 1.0) in the underlying coordinate system corresponds to the upper left corner of the viewport.

Trait Implementations

impl Copy for Viewport

impl Clone for Viewport


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