Struct piston_window::EventSettings[][src]

pub struct EventSettings {
    pub max_fps: u64,
    pub ups: u64,
    pub ups_reset: u64,
    pub swap_buffers: bool,
    pub bench_mode: bool,
    pub lazy: bool,

Stores event loop settings.


max_fps: u64

The maximum number of frames per second

The frame rate can be lower because the next frame is always scheduled from the previous frame. This causes the frames to “slip” over time.

ups: u64

The number of updates per second

This is the fixed update rate on average over time. If the event loop lags, it will try to catch up. When set to 0, update events are disabled.

ups_reset: u64

The number of delayed updates before skipping them to catch up. When set to 0, it will always try to catch up.

swap_buffers: bool

Enable or disable automatic swapping of buffers.

bench_mode: bool

Enable or disable benchmark mode. When enabled, it will render and update without sleep and ignore input. Used to test performance by playing through as fast as possible. Requires lazy to be set to false.

lazy: bool

Enable or disable rendering only when receiving input. When enabled, update and idle events are disabled.


impl EventSettings[src]

pub fn new() -> EventSettings[src]

Creates new with default settings.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for EventSettings[src]

impl Copy for EventSettings[src]

impl Debug for EventSettings[src]

impl Default for EventSettings[src]

impl EventLoop for EventSettings[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for EventSettings

impl Send for EventSettings

impl Sync for EventSettings

impl Unpin for EventSettings

impl UnwindSafe for EventSettings

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