Struct mush::graph::UiGraph [−] [src]

pub struct UiGraph<N: EditableNode, E: EditableEdge> {
    // some fields omitted


impl<N: EditableNode, E: EditableEdge> UiGraph<N, E>

fn new(source_graph: &Graph<N, E>, start_index: UiId) -> UiGraph<N, E>

Initialize a UiGraph from a source graph structure

fn add_node(&mut self)

Add a node to the graph, adjusting the allocated UiId range

fn build_ui(&mut self, ui: &mut Ui<GlyphCache>)

fn cleanup(&mut self)

Remove all nodes and edges marked for destruction

fn as_source_graph(&self) -> Graph<N, E>

Export the UiGraph structure to the original source graph format