Struct window::NoWindow[][src]

pub struct NoWindow { /* fields omitted */ }

A window without user interface, often used in server event loops.

This structure holds just enough state to return values that were set. The size can be changed because the event loop does not emit Render events when the width or height is zero.


impl NoWindow[src]

pub fn new(settings: &WindowSettings) -> NoWindow[src]

Creates a new NoWindow.

Trait Implementations

impl AdvancedWindow for NoWindow[src]

impl BuildFromWindowSettings for NoWindow[src]

fn build_from_window_settings(
    settings: &WindowSettings
) -> Result<Self, Box<dyn Error>>


This function will always return without error.

impl Window for NoWindow[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for NoWindow

impl Send for NoWindow

impl Sync for NoWindow

impl Unpin for NoWindow

impl UnwindSafe for NoWindow

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