Trait window::Window[][src]

pub trait Window {
    fn set_should_close(&mut self, value: bool);
fn should_close(&self) -> bool;
fn size(&self) -> Size;
fn swap_buffers(&mut self);
fn wait_event(&mut self) -> Event;
fn wait_event_timeout(&mut self, timeout: Duration) -> Option<Event>;
fn poll_event(&mut self) -> Option<Event>;
fn draw_size(&self) -> Size; }

Trait representing the minimum requirements for defining a window.

This trait defines all the behavior needed for making an event loop.

An example of a working event loop can be found in the Piston-Tutorials repository under getting-started, or in the event loop examples.

When implementing the Window trait for a custom window backend, it is not necessary to emit Event::Loop variants, since these are generated by the event loop.

Required methods

fn set_should_close(&mut self, value: bool)[src]

Tells the window to close or stay open.

fn should_close(&self) -> bool[src]

Returns true if the window should close.

fn size(&self) -> Size[src]

Gets the size of the window.

fn swap_buffers(&mut self)[src]

Swaps render buffers.

When this is set to false, this method must be called manually or through the window backend. By default it is set to true, so usually it is not needed in application code.

fn wait_event(&mut self) -> Event[src]

Wait indefinitely for an input event to be available from the window.

fn wait_event_timeout(&mut self, timeout: Duration) -> Option<Event>[src]

Wait for an input event to be available from the window or for the specified timeout to be reached.

Returns None only if there is no input event within the timeout.

fn poll_event(&mut self) -> Option<Event>[src]

Polls an input event from the window.

Return None if no events available.

fn draw_size(&self) -> Size[src]

Gets the draw size of the window.

This is equal to the size of the frame buffer of the inner window, excluding the title bar and borders.

This information is given to the client code through the Render event.

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impl Window for NoWindow[src]

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